Fit and Fed

Fit and Fed gives children and young people the opportunity to take part in fun physical activity and enjoy nutritious, healthy meals during the school holidays, tackling three key challenges for families living in underserved communities: food poverty, isolation, and inactivity.

For too many young people, school holidays can be a time of hardship, hunger and isolation, as families in underserved communities struggle to fund the added food and childcare costs that the holidays bring. Fit and Fed exists to plug that gap.

Since its inception in 2016, the campaign has benefited 66,198 children/young people, with a whopping 528,582 free meals being provided in this time.

The Fit and Fed campaign continues to be a lifeline for low-income families, with activities taking place across England and Wales. But in a post-Covid world there are still thousands of young people experiencing holiday hunger and who are physically inactive and isolated. 

Now more than ever it is vital that initiatives like Fit and Fed are there to give young people and their families the support they need, and to contribute to the nation’s recovery.

Our work on holiday gap provision

Addressing holiday gap provision remains a key priority for StreetGames, and our Fit and Fed campaign aims to tackle three distinct challenges: holiday hunger, isolation, and inactivity. We work tirelessly to ensure we secure enough funding to provide physical activity sessions and healthy meals to underserved young people across the UK. Fit and Fed also provides opportunities to deliver other social outcomes such as improving mental health, reducing social isolation, nutritious eating, and educational support.

Through delivering Fit and Fed during school holidays, we have also created pathways into year-round activity such as locally delivered Doorstep Sport. Our evidence tells us that sporting activity is a critical component of successfully engaging underserved young people and their families – it is the hook that leads to other interventions.

The importance of Fit and Fed

4.3 million

children are living in poverty in the UK (Source: JRF UK Poverty 2022)

1.74 million

children and young people are known to be eligible for free school meals (Source: DfE)

1.9 million

food supplies delivered to low-income families in crisis between April 2019 and March 2020

Research & Insights

Wales Fit and Fed Report – 2022

This report gives an insight into Fit and Fed provision across Wales in 2022, including the need for Fit and Fed, ‘key ingredients’ for a successful Fit and Fed campaign, and examples of the campaign in action from community organisations in our network.

Fit and Fed & The Waterloo Foundation

With continued support from The Waterloo Foundation, StreetGames has been able to continue the development and sustainability of Fit and Fed sites in Wales, supporting over 2,000 young people across 12 Local Authorities.

Fit & Fed Report – Summer 2019

Discover the latest feedback, stats and insights from the Fit and Fed campaign across the StreetGames network in 2019.

Fit and Fed resources

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