StreetGames Awards 2023

The StreetGames Awards returned for 2023, celebrating the outstanding individuals making a difference in our communities.

Our 2023 Awards celebrated those that tirelessly contribute to the well-being and growth of their communities.


Young Volunteer of the Year Award
This award celebrates the volunteer that has put their all into personal development. From developing their skills to getting out of their comfort zone and growing their confidence, this person will have come a long way in a short space of time.

Holiday Activities Project of the Year
This award celebrates the projects that provide physical activity sessions and healthy meals to underserved young people across the UK during the school holidays. This project supports countless young people and encourages them to engage in new activities and build communities of friends.

Outstanding Work in Community Safety Award
This award celebrates those that have connected to their communities and grasped the opportunities given to overcome boredom and alienation – the leading causes of youth crime and anti-social behaviour.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award
This award recognises those who have had a positive impact on those around them, building connections, showing empathy and offering support that goes above and beyond. The winner recognises that regular exercise makes a real difference to mental well-being.

Engaging Women and Girls Award
This award recognises those who have positively engaged with women and girls to increase and sustain participation in sport and physical activity. The winner acts as a positive female role model and supports and develops the people they work with.

Doorstep Sport Project of the Year
This award recognises the community projects that ensure that sport is delivered in a way that is enjoyable and accessible to young people in the communities they serve.

Coach/Volunteer of the Year
This award honours the coach or volunteer who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to personal development and made a remarkable impact within their community. Through their dedication to continuous growth, they have set a shining example for others to follow, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Read about our winners

Rashvin Ramanathas wins StreetGames Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Wye Gymnastics & Galaxy Cheerleading receive StreetGames Engaging Women and Girls Award

Youth Ngage Honoured for Mental Health Work in StreetGames’ Awards

Champions Community Sport Scoop StreetGames' Holiday Project Award

ReflecTeen Winner of StreetGames’ Doorstep Sport Award

Volunteer Sports Coach Temi Johnson is StreetGames’ Coach of the Year

Walsall FC Coach Honoured for Community Safety Work

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