Us Girls East London Is Go!

StreetGames Us Girls receives Doorstep Sport investment to bridge gender gap in activity levels.

StreetGames has announced a major boost for its Us Girls programme in London, with a substantial funding injection of over £50,000. The Us Girls East London Programme seeks to address the persistent gender gap in sport and physical activity participation for women and girls – especially those living in underserved or ‘left behind’ communities.

If you’re a girl living in an underserved community, you’re 3 times less likely to be able to access opportunities to be active than if you’re a boy living in a more affluent neighbourhood. For years, the StreetGames Us Girls programme has been at the forefront of efforts to elevate participation rates in sport and physical activity among those identifying as girls or young women.

#FunFitnessFriends is our tagline, and it perfectly demonstrates the ethos of what Us Girls is all about. Lots of the ‘inactive’ girls we talk to who don’t see themselves as ‘sporty’ tell us that being active, having fun and feeling fit and strong with their friends is their ideal Doorstep Sport opportunity.

The newly secured investment will give young women and girls in Hackney & Tower Hamlets somewhere to go, something to do and inspirational people to talk to. The funds will create 2,800 new Doorstep Sport opportunities that will help the girls to get up, get out and get active in their own community.

The StreetGames Us Girls programme has long been dedicated to understanding and overcoming the barriers faced by young women and girls in accessing and enjoying physical activities. This mission is further endorsed by partners such as Sport England, Sport Wales, Women in Sport, Youth Sport Trust, London Youth, and numerous academic researchers. There are several great resources on the Us Girls section of the StreetGames website that can support locally trusted organisations to design and deliver an Us Girls Sport & Physical Activity programme that would be attractive to young women and girls living in underserved communities.

Us Girls – StreetGames

Research indicates that 59% of girls aged 12-14 express dissatisfaction with their current level of physical activity. The desire and unmet demand for Doorstep Sport opportunities is evident, underscoring the necessity for accessible and inviting local opportunities. The StreetGames London Us Girls programme, will collaborate with Locally Trusted Organisations (LTOs) to establish secure and enjoyable Doorstep sport provision for young women and girls, with the overarching goal of nurturing a sense of belonging, empowerment, and positive physical and mental health outcomes. Local coaches, volunteers and young ‘Us Girls Community Champions’ will also receive training and resources to enhance their capacity to engage and support young individuals to help them to become active, healthier, safer, and more successful in life.


“At StreetGames, we’re delighted to announce significant funding for our Us Girls programme. This investment reinforces our commitment to addressing the gender gap in sports and physical activity, ensuring that young women have access to inclusive and inviting local opportunities that promote positive physical and mental well-being. We look forward to partnering with local organisations and stakeholders to make a lasting impact.”

James Gregory, Area Director – London and South East


For further information and updates on the Us Girls programme and StreetGames’ initiatives, please visit StreetGames’ official website. to keep up to speed with progress, follow @streetgameslondon on Instagram, Or email

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