HAF Support and Training Programme

StreetGames has been working with local authorities and community partners to successfully deliver activities that combat holiday hunger, inactivity and social isolation since it launched its Fit and Fed campaign in 2017. Our team have successfully been part of many HAF programmes since 2018 co-ordinating on behalf of local authorities, providing personalised support and delivering training to enable high-quality holiday programmes with food to be delivered.

StreetGames are as committed as ever to working collaboratively with local authorities to ensure that the HAF 2023 programme has the greatest possible impact for children, young people and families.

StreetGames champions a sustainable mix of holiday provision based in the heart of local communities – community groups, schools, and other local organisations (e.g. leisure providers, arts organisations, environmental organisations). In the lead up to the Summer 2021 HAF programmes, StreetGames worked with 13 local authorities from across the country to plan and deliver a needs-led programme of training to support the expanding holiday provision workforce.

To continue to support local authorities to deliver a wholly effective HAF provision, StreetGames are pleased to present our 2022 HAF training offer and support programme, building on the learning from previous holidays and taking into consideration the different activity environments that HAF programmes are delivered in. This offer can equip your HAF workforce with the skills, knowledge and competencies to deliver a holistic and bespoke programme.

Our HAF Training Offer

Fit and Fed Activator workshop (Primary and Secondary)

It is recommended by the DfE that all children and young people participating in the HAF programme should engage in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for an average of at least 60 minutes per day. It should be noted that this does not have to be in the form of a structured activity session, but can include active travel, free play and sports. In addition, providers must include an element of nutritional education each day aimed at improving the knowledge and awareness of healthy eating for children. These do not need to be formal learning activities.

The Fit and Fed Activator workshop is designed for deliverers to effectively provide high-quality physical activity and nutritional education in a range of settings and with limited resources. The workshop will also provide innovative ideas on how to keep the children and young people engaged over a four-hour period.

Delivery Method: Face-to-Face only (3 hours – Available from June/July 2022), Cost: £600


Engaging Inactive Young People

This year there is an increased emphasis by the DfE to engage young people of the secondary age group. StreetGames have a long history of working with children and young people aged 14+ through our Doorstep Sport programme and this course will equip delivery organisations to provide attractive HAF programmes for this older age group.

Step 1: Intro to Doorstep Sport, Delivery Method:Face-to-Face & Online (3 hours), Cost: £600.

In this classroom based workshop HAF deliverers will learn about how to create a fun, varied and vibrant offer for teenagers and how to adopt the 5 rights principles for your programme ; delivering activities at right time, in the right place, at the right price, in the right style, by the right people and with the right food. We’ll also share examples and case studies of good practice from holiday programmes across the country.

Step 2: Multi-Skills Activator, Delivery Method: Face-to-Face only (3 hours), Cost: £600

The practical workshop will provide a chance to experience games across a range of sporting categories. Learners will combine their existing coaching and leadership skills and experience with the games, adaptations and top tips within the workshop to develop their skills to engage teenagers in multi-sports during holiday periods

Mental Health Awareness

There are many children and young people as a result of social isolation during the pandemic, who are now suffering from poor mental health. This course will help frontline holiday activity staff to recognise some of the common mental health issues that are affecting young people and develop their confidence to recognise and support young people over the holiday period.

Step 1: Youth Mental Health First Aid Lite, Delivery Method: Face-to-Face & Online (3 hours) , Cost: £900.

This introductory three-hour session raises awareness of common mental health issues that affect young people, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and psychosis and understand ways to support young people with a mental health issue and relate to their experiences.

Step 2: Youth Mental Health First Aid 2 Day, Delivery Method: Face to-Face , Cost: £3000.

This face to face accredited course qualifies learners as a Youth Mental Health First Aiders. During the 2 days learners take a deeper look into young people’s mental health and the factors that affect their wellbeing. Learners will develop practical skills to spot triggers and know how to support a young person in distress. Learners will also gain an in-depth understanding of further support that is available to young people to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Following feedback from local authorities all across the country there is a growing need to upskill the holiday workforce with skills and tools to be able to deal with challenging behaviour that arises within holiday programmes. These workshops, run by experienced tutors, will build the confidence of staff and volunteers and enable a safe environment to ask questions and run through a range of different scenarios. Learning from the 2021 HAF programme, follow up sessions have also been really useful for learners to come back together to explore how behaviour strategies have been implemented.

Step 1 – Managing Challenging Behaviour, Delivery Method: Face-to-Face & Online (3 hours), Cost: £600.

The workshop explores how Doorstep Sport can be used as an engagement tool to address social exclusion, anti-social behaviour and community tension and build stronger communities. Participants learn the characteristics of ‘hard to reach’ young people and how to effectively engage with them. They are shown how to recognise the causes and triggers of anti-social behaviour and they explore the development of tools and skills that enable young people to take ownership of their issues and effectively manage challenging behaviour.

Safeguarding children

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. The DfE have stated in their guidelines that every HAF club is to be a safe and happy place for children to be and for parents, carers and families to feel confident that their child is well looked after and that robust safeguarding arrangements are in place. This course raises awareness of how to deliver community sport and youth activities with a child welfare and safety centred approach.

Step 1: Keeping Young People Safe in Doorstep Sport: Face to face & Online (6 hours) (Available from March/April 2022) £900

This one day workshop promotes a whole organisation approach to safeguarding in the holiday period and is suitable for project managers, coaches, leaders and volunteers working in community sport environments with regular responsibility for children and young people.

This workshop has been CIMSPA Endorsed and gives 6 CPD points.

Youth Volunteering Focus

In addition to providing schemes for older young people, it is recommended that HAF deliverers might also consider the role that older children can have in supporting, designing and leading sessions for their peers or for younger children – to help them to socialise and develop leadership skills which can be crucial for those in years 9-11. These courses are delivered directly to young people who could really benefit from being a young volunteer in holiday programmes.

Step 1: Introduction to Being a Young Volunteer, Delivery Method: Face-to-Face & Online, Cost: £600.

This 3-hour workshop for young people in Year 9 – 11 will cover the aims of the Holiday Activity Programme, their role as a young volunteer, an introduction to safeguarding young people and how to engage young people in activities.

Step 2: Level 1 Award in Developing Community Activities for Youth at Risk, Delivery Method: Face-to-Face & Online ( 2 days) Cost: £3250.

This accredited qualification is a fantastic way for young volunteers to take the next step into becoming a young community leader particularly working in disadvantaged communities. Young people will develop an understanding of working in communities, about partnership working and their role as an activity leader amongst numerous other topics. Young people will also plan a community based event as the final module, which in many areas has been turned into a funded project led by young people.

Youth Volunteering development Advice, Guidance & Support

Youth leadership is at the heart of all StreetGames’ work, with Young Advisors playing a key role in developing and delivering StreetGames’ projects. The StreetGames Young Volunteers programme provides the leaders of tomorrow with quality support and professional development opportunities. Programmes like our #NextGen Sports and Community Leaders have a strong track record of enabling young people to maximise their skills and potential.

We would be pleased to work with local authorities to co-design and deliver a Youth Volunteer programme for Local Authorities with a focus on HAF provision and delivery.

Our work with Local Authorities

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