Let's Get Physical is an award-winning sports, activity and weight management programme aimed at young people aged 5-15.

Delivered in schools and community centres throughout the country, 'LGP' works to tackle the alarming number of disadvantaged young people who are classed as 'overweight' or 'obese'. Recent figures demonstrate that as many as 26% of children living in deprived areas are overweight, with 40% of British children and teens considered to be 'low active', in terms of their routine physical exercise.

Let's Get Physical provides a flexible and highly customisable programme of sessions to appeal to traditionally 'non-sporty' young people. To date, the programme has been delivered across dozens of towns and cities to over 1,300 young people. Most remarkable of all, LGP has already contributed to a 73% improvement in overall physical activity levels! 

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Let's Get Physical programme details

This programme is currently at the following stage of the StreetGames Policy Cycle