StreetGames has been successful in securing Erasmus+ Sport funding to share our insight and learning about engaging women and girls in sport across Europe.

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Using the learning from the award-winning Us Girls programme and understanding the context of women's sport in our partner countries StreetGames will lead the project to disseminate learning. Working with partners from Italy, Denmark, France, The Netherlands and Poland StreetGames will develop tools for improving the quality of sport provision for women.

This will include training and learning resources adaptable for different national settings that can be rolled out Europe-wide. In particular, a new international course to train young women to be peer educators in grassroots sport.

The project will create a large and dynamic new European network for grassroots sport. The partners bring their own extensive networks to this project, which will interact on the new networking platform to form a ‘network of networks’.


Project Update - 2018

As part of the Erasmus+ funded project, European Us Girls, two test event residential events were jointly organised by StreetGames and our Italian partners UISP. The UK event was held over 5 days, 9th – 13th April, at Brathay Hall, Ambleside. The Italian event was held over 2 consecutive weekends, 6th – 8th April and 14th-15th April, at Camping Le Fonti, Reggio Emilia, Italy,

The main purpose of both events, was to consult young female peer leaders on their ideas for the content of the project App and the two project videos. The events were also an opportunity to test the newly developed European Us Girls course, which is a face to face workshop aimed to provide practical hints and tips on how to engage women and girls in sport and physical activity. The workshop has been developed using learning from Us Girls in England and Wales, and the European Us Girls research, using best practice from across Europe.  

The events were a combination of workshop-style learning, and outdoor activities which developed team work, leadership & communication skills as well as increasing confidence and facing fears. As always, in true StreetGames style ensuring all participants has loads of fun!

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(UK Peer leaders ready to take part in the High Challenge)


Both events recruited 10 female peer leaders to attend, ranging from age 17 to 30 years. There was a range of experience in both groups, with some participants being new into their leadership journey, and others having volunteered within community project for upwards of 10 years.

All of the female peer leaders were keen to be involved in a European project and excited to share their views and opinions to help shape a potentially global product. A lot of additional work was done by staff to ensure there was a ‘European’ element to both events. For example, postcards were sent from both events to each other, mini videos were recorded by each participant saying ‘Hello’ and a bit about them and cultural evenings were hosted, which included tasting traditional Italian/UK food and learning language games.

All of the findings from the events are now being used to shape the project outputs of the App and project videos. This work is being led by V4Sport Foundation and will be shared with the project partners at our next project meeting in Wroclaw, Poland in May 2018.

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(Italian Peer Leaders getting to know each other and develop their communication skills)



As part of this exciting project, the partners have conducted two research reports that are now available to view and download here;

  1. European Us Girls Case Study Report – Providing 28 examples of good practices for engaging female volunteers and improving girls’ inclusion and participation in sport and physical from across Europe and beyond. To download the Executive Summary, click here; To download the full report, click here
  2. The Academic Review - provided findings from extant peer-reviewed literature with regards to female volunteers in sport and how their role could contribute to girls’ increased participation in sport and physical activity. To download the full report, click here.

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