Friday Night Takeover

The Friday Night Takeover (FNT) involves providing fun and affordable multi-sport activities for teenagers and young people within local leisure centres on Friday evenings.

Over the past few years, many different organisations in the StreetGames network have delivered FNT sessions in which they have provided a wide range of activities, including badminton, football, basketball, tennis, fitness classes, yoga, table tennis, swimming and trampolining, usually with the inclusion of music and sometimes with the addition of food and healthy eating messages or wider offers such as hair and beauty treatments.

FNT has been found to be an effective way of engaging large numbers of young people who don’t typically use a leisure centre. In some areas, the sessions have also acted as an effective diversionary activity in areas/times that are often typified as being ‘hot-spots’ for youth related anti-social behaviour.

These case studies give an example of the broad range activities that organisations in the StreetGames network have offered as part of their FNT sessions.

To help other organisations that might be considering setting up a FNT session, StreetGames have also gathered learning from those already delivering, and distilled this into 10 ‘Top Tips’.

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