Fit and Fed Summer 2021 – Pears Foundation and The Linbury Trust

In early 2021, StreetGames were generously awarded combined funding of £160,420 from Pears Foundation (£120,420) and The Linbury Trust (£40,000), to address ‘holiday hunger’, physical inactivity and isolation, amongst children and young people living in underserved communities in the North East, London, Yorkshire and North Wales, during the 2021 summer school holidays.

Pears Foundation have previously funded StreetGames’ Fit and Fed work in London and South Wales, whilst this is the first year The Linbury Trust have partnered with StreetGames.

This report details the work that has been undertaken utilising this investment, that has resulted in 5,296 children and young people, from some of the most disadvantaged communities in Sunderland, Croydon, Sheffield and Flintshire, being supported during the summer school holidays, at a time when they and their families have been at their most vulnerable.

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