The Together Fund – Learning from the StreetGames Network

During 2022-23, 104 locally trusted organisations (LTOs) in the StreetGames network received Sport England Together Fund (TF) investment (average award amount of circa £3,400).

TF investment was used to support LTOs to provide a wrap-around offer of sport, physical activity and engagement for young people from lower socio-economic groups.

All TF funded LTOs were given support and guidance to help them provide their young people with opportunities to celebrate, get involved and feel the ‘ripple effect’ of the major sporting events taking place in the UK as part of a wider StreetGames campaign called #Inspiration.

The aim of #Inspiration was to bring to life the major events taking place in the UK and make these ‘accessible’ to young people, through provision of:

  • Funding to energise local ‘doorstep sport’ delivery.
  • Multi-Sport Activator Training for coaches & volunteers.
  • ACES & Trauma informed practice (online) workshops.
  • Kit/Equipment bags to enable LTOs to deliver a range of activities linked to major sporting events.
  • Tickets to sporting events (via partners, not funded through the TF) to create memorable experiences (e.g.including the Commonwealth Games, Women’s Euros & Rugby League World Cup).
  • Support, advice & ideas from StreetGames Doorstep Sport Advisers (DSAs and Fieldworkers)

A delivery guide was created to provide funded organisations with lots of sport and physical activity delivery ideas and wrap around activities to ensure young people had the opportunity to take part in a varied and vibrant o er during the summer and beyond. This included innovative ways to capture monitoring data and evidence to help projects demonstrate the impact of their work.

Six sports activators and two ‘ACES and Trauma Informed Practice’ workshops were delivered over the period, engaging over 100 learners.

The Kitbags included Badminton Rackets, Basketballs, Dodgeballs and many more bits of sports equipment. The actual bags themselves were also useful for LTOs who had storage space for their equipment as they used the bags to transport equipment around their different delivery sites. The variation in sporting equipment provided has enabled LTOs to o er a variety of sports that did not exist within their current o er which was met with glowing feedback from the participants.

85 TF projects provided survey feedback on completion of their TF funded delivery. The reports above provide a summary of some of the highlights and learning from the LTOs who provided feedback.

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