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StreetGames Us Girls – IFF Research Report 2012

This report explores the views of twenty project leads who ran Active Women projects funded through StreetGames, as well as the findings from an online survey of StreetGames participants.

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Sports-specific briefing papers on participation and social class

Using Sport England’s Active People Survey 6 and learning from our network, StreetGames prepared a series of briefing papers across 15 sports on rates of participation and social class.

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Sporting Capital and Doorstep Sport: Working to Build the Legacy of Sports Participation in England

StreetGames commissioned a research study to explore the concept of ‘sporting capital’ and the role it can play in terms of influencing the likelihood of sustained participation in sport. 

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StreetGames Festival Evaluation Report 2014

This report provides an overview of StreetGames' 2014 Mass Participation Festivals Programme, which was supported by Coca-Cola Great Britain.

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Scoping Exercise into Young People’s Attitudes & Engagement in Sport

This report highlights the findings of two research projects into how to increase participation in sport amongst young people, including key actionable insights.

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The Football Pools Fives Festival Programme 2014

An evaluation of the partnership between StreetGames and The Football Pools to deliver regional football competitions and festivals.

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Rail Life Programme 2012/13

During 2012-13 StreetGames and Network Rail worked in partnership to create a new sports-based educational programme for 11-16 year olds living in underserved areas experiencing high incidences of rail crime/anti-social behaviour.

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Growing and sustaining sports participation in underserved communities – Pilot projects with NGBs

This paper summarises a selection of StreetGames' works with NGBs to help them in their work towards growing and sustaining sports participation amongst young people living in underserved areas.

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European Youth Health Champions – Research

his research explored the evidence base for peer educators and their impact on health-enhancing physical activity, collating case studies from all across Europe.

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