In 2013, Sport England invested £20m with StreetGames against a contract to create 1000 Doorstep Sport Clubs. These new style clubs run in areas of disadvantage and they are designed to attract young people who are not otherwise members of sports clubs or gyms.

Over 300 community organisations host Doorstep Sport Clubs. The hosts include many different types and sizes of community organisations. These hosts have multiple primary purposes. Some are sports organisations, some are youth clubs, some are housing associations and others are community centres. The clubs operate in community halls, car parks, beaches, youth clubs, MUGAs and leisure centres. DSC participant play all kinds of sports.

The Doorstep Sport Clubs programme researched young people’s views of themselves, of their lives and their attitudes to being active. Then DSC hosts mapped that insight onto their neighbourhood’s assets and opportunities. They worked with their neighbourhood’s young people to create an activity offer that the young people felt was just about right…it was at the right time, in the right place, at the right price, in the right style and it involved the right people.

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