Volunteering your time, energy and know-how on behalf of Team StreetGames is a great way to help make a difference in your local community - all whilst meeting new people and gaining new skills!

Where StreetGames’ corporate partners are concerned, these opportunities offer employees the chance to become actively involved with a charity, whilst also providing valuable insights into the work that StreetGames and its projects do.  

Take a look at some of these volunteering opportunities below: 

Fit and Fed

There are many way to help out. For instance, when volunteering at a Fit and Fed project during the school holidays, volunteers can get involved by helping to deliver activities and to serve lunches. Other, more specific skill-sets can also prove useful. Skills such as photography, or an interest in a particular hobby or sport. Remember: by supporting a Fit and Fed project in this way, you could help them to reach even more disadvantaged children in future.

“Volunteering last Thursday was amazing! The Kids were just lovely and they all discussed how much they appreciated the club and how much they loved it. [It] sounds like the guys working there have had some amazing breakthroughs with some of the children which is so wonderful to hear”. Lucy, corporate volunteer

Employability workshops

StreetGames can work with you to host an employability workshop for StreetGames' young volunteers and apprentices. These days can help build confidence and aid young people with getting into the world of work.

Mentoring local projects (long-term volunteering opportunity)

StreetGames might be able to link you up with local projects to offer support in skills such as business planning and marketing and PR. This would help ensure they work effectively to reach more young people who might need their support.

Bid writing

At certain times during the year there will be opportunities to apply for funding from organisations such as Tesco for local projects. Can your colleagues help StreetGames' projects put funding bids together? The organisation can offer you full training and this is a great way of helping to raise funds through using your skills.

StreetGames' events

Throughout the year, StreetGames need volunteers to help support its events. In July StreetGames' Multi Sport Festival in Cardiff offers an amazing opportunity for more than 2000 children from disadvantaged communities across Wales to come together and try new activities and meet new people. StreetGames needs over 100 volunteers to help run activities and act as stewards on the day.

For more information please contact [email protected]